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Ebac RF3500 Power Drying Fan

The most versatile unit is also the most powerful. The Ebac RF3500 Power Drying Fan is a high capacity, 3000 CFM air mover that can be used for Air Cooling, Ventilation and Extraction.

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The Ebac RF3500 is a high capacity, powerful, versatile air movement system.

For a tough restoration job, you need a tough restoration power fan. The RF3500 is effective in the most extreme and adverse environmental conditions, especially if they pose a threat to safety, efficiency and health.

The RF3500 power drying fan can be used in several convenient ways;

  • Cooling - Easily pull cool and comfortable air into hot, humid environments. Uncomfortable conditions lead to reduced efficiency in the workplace. By introducing cooler, fresher air, your workers will perform more efficiently.
  • Ventilation - Crowded or poorly ventilated areas are not only unpleasant, they're also unhealthy. A lack of oxygen causes drowsiness when can render operation of machinery dangerous. The RF3500 power fan ensures a constant supply of fresh, oxygen rich air.
  • Extraction - In areas where dust, unpleasant smells, or fumes are present, it can pose a risk to health and safety. The RF3500 power fan can easily extract large amounts of contaminated air through heavy duty, non-collapsible flexible ducting.
  • Total Flexibility - The RF3500 power fan can be used as a stand alone, high capacity cooling unit, or in conjunction with flexible duct for extraction or fresh air injection. By combining a series of ducts and power fans together, extraction, ventilation or cooling can be accomplished over considerable distances.
The Ebac RF3500 is a flexible power fan

Key Design Features of the RF3500 Power Drying Fan

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • High Performance - up to 3000 CFM free air @1.5" static pressure
  • Robust, roto-moulded body
  • Large balanced carrying handle
  • Stackable
  • Easy-to-use ON-OFF toggle switch
  • Guarded Fan for Safety
  • Cable wrap for tangle free power cord
  • Rubber, anti-vibration feet

Ebac RF3500 Power Drying Fan Specifications

Height 16.5"
Width 12"
Depth 17.5"
Weight 42 lbs.
Electrical 110V | 50/60 Hz | Phase - 1 | 6A | 600W
Airflow 3000 CFM
Noise Level 84 dB(A)