Ebac AM2000 High Capacity Air Mover - 1060 CFM

For quick drying of wet, moisture laden environments, the Ebac AM2000 air mover is first choice for professionals. High velocity fan will dry any area fast!  Read More...

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Standing moisture can cause severe damage. The Ebac AM2000 high velocity air mover will gladly come to the rescue.

Mother Nature can be unpredictable - flash floods, heavy rains or a water main break are reasons to be prepared with flood restoration equipment. If you live in a high moisture area, or in an area prone to flooding, it's vitally important to address flood restoration as quickly as possible. High quality drying equipment is necessary in order to achieve fast results. The Ebac AM2000 will provide high volume air movement for fast, efficient water and moisture removal. Not only can moisture cause thousands of dollars in damage to property, it can also cause mold, mildew and microorganism growth which can lead to health issues for you, your family or your employees. Take action now with the Ebac AM2000 air mover.

Applications for the AM2000 Air Mover include; Flood & Restoration - Floating Carpets - Drying Carpets, Walls & Ceilings - Plasters - Builders - Factories - De-Flooding

Features of the Ebac AM2000 High Velocity Air Mover - Drying Fan

  • Create optimal airflow with 4 operating positions
  • Flexible operation with 3 fan speeds
  • Low profile design makes it easy to duct and move air underneath carpeting
  • Units are stackable
  • Durable Rotational Moulded Polyethylene housing withstands harsh environments
  • On-board circuit breaker for safety
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet for stability
  • Conveniently long power cord - 25 feet
  • Sturdy carrying handle allows easy mobility and doubles as the power cord wrap

Ebac AM-2000 Air Mover Specifications

Dimensions 20" H x 19.5" W x 19" D
Weight 26.4 lbs.
Voltage 115V | 60Hz
Current Single phase | 5A
Power 550 W
Airflow 1060 CFM
Noise Level 52 dB(A)
Min/Max Operating Temperature 32F | 95F

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