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MovinCool Climate Pro K24 | 24,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Portable Air Conditioner - Designed for computer rooms, telecom rooms and rooms with heat-generating electronics, the Climate Pro K24 provides 24,000 BTU/h of cooling power.


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The MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Portable Air Conditioner Provides Reliable Spot Cooling to Computer Server Rooms, Telecommunication Rooms, and Rooms with Heat Generating Electronics

The MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Portable Air Conditioner is designed for offices filled with heat-generating electronics. Computer server rooms, networks, communications, and office equipment can shut down when the temperature rises, crippling daily operations. By spot cooling the area or room that needs it, the Climate Pro K24 saves money while protecting your company's investment in equipment and customers. Self-contained and portable, the Climate Pro K24 portable air conditioner requires no costly installation - simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on.

The MovinCool Climate Pro K24 is a portable and self-contained spot cooling unit. Server rooms, computer rooms, data centers, telecommunication rooms, offices, etc. can all benefit in workplace efficiency and energy-savings by installing the Climate Pro K24.

MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Portable Air Conditioner Features

  • Color LCD control panel. Simplifies operation, clearing of codes, and is easier to read.
  • Matte black cabinet brings stylish utility to the workplace.
  • Added bumpers enable safer handling and movement around your facility.
  • Larger casters make rolling and navigation easier.
  • Built-in cable compartment. Keeps the power cord securely out of the way.
  • Hinged tank cover. Keeps drain tank secure.
  • Ergonomic drain tank design. Makes for easier handling and emptying.
  • Built-in flanges. Standard on all models — no add-ons needed.
  • Modest power usage. Runs on 208/230V 20 amp circuit and consumes 2.9 kW.
  • Cooling support effective in conditions from 65° to 95°F.
  • Moderately quiet. At highest speed with condenser duct, sound level 66 dB(A) — similar to sound levels for conversation.

MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Portable Air Conditioner Technical Specifications

Cooling Capacity 24,000 BTU/h (95°F @ 60% RH)
Electronic Features Programmable Control Panel
Electrical 208 / 230V, 1 Phase | 2.9 kW | 12.5 Amps
Recommended Fuse Size - 20 Amps
Min/Max Voltage - 198 / 253
Power Cord 12 AWG (3-core) - 6 feet
NEMA Plug Configuration 6-20 - See Chart Here
Fan Motor Output 3-Speed - 0.56 kW (H)
Evaporator Fan Type - Centrifugal
Max Airflow (CFM) - 650 (H) | 600 (M) | 530 (L)
Max External Static Pressure - 0.5 IWG
Condenser Fan Type - Centrifugal
Max Airflow (CFM) - 870 (H) | 760 (M) | 740 (L)
Max External Static Pressure - 0.16 IWG
Compressor Hermetic Rotary - 1.5 kW Output
Refrigerant R-410A
Dimensions 22" (W) x 27" (D) x 51" (H)
Weight Net - 205 lbs. | Shipping - 243 lbs.
Condensate Tank Capacity 5 Gallons
Operating Temperature 65°F - 95°F @ 50% RH
Max Duct Length Cold Duct Hose - 50 ft.
Hot Duct Hose - 45 ft.
Sound Level dB(A) With Condenser - 66 (H) | 64 (M) | 61 (L)
Without Condenser - 68 (H) | 66 (M) | 63 (L)
MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Owner's Manual MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Owner's Manual
What's In The Box?
  • Climate Pro K24 MovinCool Unit
  • Product Manual
Warranty MovinCool's Office Pro, Classic, Classic Plus, and Climate Pro models come standard with 1-year parts and labor coverage.
Registered products are eligible to receive full 3-year parts and labor coverage including the compressor.
NOTE: All specifications subject to change without notice.
All models feature compressor overload relay and fan motor protection.
All models feature compressor short-cycle protection, return air thermostat, automatic restart and accommodate a condensate pump kit.
All models are 50 Hertz (Hz) compatible with a slight performance decrease from the specifications listed above.

MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Portable Air Conditioner Installation and Accessory List

MovinCool Climate Pro K24 Portable Air Conditioner Accessories Diagram

(Accessories Sold Separately)
Exhaust duct (No. 8) required in most cases.

1. Supply Air Flange Kit - 481170-0450
5-inch diameter white metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws. Use with supply air ducts.

2. Nozzle Kit - 484209-0480
5-inch diameter plastic nozzle that extends up to 2 feet in length. Quick-connect type. Includes trim ring.

4. Self-Supported Duct - 481744-0091
5-inch diameter, white plastic duct that extends from 6.5 to 10 feet in length.

5. Trim Ring - 481851-0200
5-inch diameter black plastic ring mounts as end caps for extension duct.

6. Supply Air Flange Kit - 481170-0480
5-inch diameter white metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws. Quick Connect Type. Use with supply air ducts.

6A. Nozzle Adapter Kit - 481769-0280
5-inch diameter adapter converts airflow from louvers to nozzles or air ducts.

8. Flexible Air Duct LAY45771-0060 (not shown)
12-inch diameter wire-reinforced, accordion-style duct in 10-ft length for outdoor air exhaust. Includes clamp.

9. Ceiling Tile Kit (Plastic) – LA146373-8280
24-inch x 24-inch plastic white tile with a 12-inch hole for exhaust air self-supported duct.

9. Ceiling Tile Kit (Metal) – 484490-1030
24-inch x 24-inch plastic white tile with 12-inch hole and built-in flange for exhaust air flexible duct kit.

10. Outdoor Plenum - 484350-1170
White plastic plenum for return air to the condenser. Hinged for filter cleaning.

11. Condensate Pump Kit 230V - 484789-0220
230V pump kit includes a 3/8-inch diameter x 20-ft length hose. Includes installation hardware. Maximum lift: 17 feet

What size MovinCool Mobile Air Conditioner do I need?

(NOTE: 12,000 BTUs = 1 ton of cooling / 1 ton of cooling covers 400-500 sq ft)

Sizing up the proper equipment for your needs has many variables. If you're unsure about choosing the right Portable Air Conditioner for your particular situation please call one of our customer service reps at 1-800-237-9199. We'll help you decide what model is perfect for your applications. Once you've decided on a unit, it's important that we make sure our dedicated installation professionals have the right equipment for your specific installation needs. Please provide the following information when contacting us:

  1. In what city and state are you located?
  2. What is the application for the portable air conditioner?
  3. What is the square footage of the room (or area) you're trying to cool?
  4. What is the ceiling height? Is it a drop ceiling or a solid ceiling?
  5. How many people occupy the space being cooled?
  6. What are the electrical capabilities? (i.e.; 115V, 240V, 3 phase, single phase, etc.)
    (Click here for NEMA Plug Configuration Chart)