MaxxFill Flex | Convertible Bottleless or Bottled Water Dispenser

The Best of Both - POU or Bottled Water - Easily fill your tallest water bottles - the 13-inch dispensing area is the largest in the industry!  Read More...


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The Energy Star Certified MaxxFill Flex can be Converted from a Point of Use Bottleless Water Cooler to a Bottled Water Dispenser. Fill your tallest water bottles - the 13-inch dispensing area is the largest in the industry!

The MaxxFill Flex POU Water Cooler is available as a bottom load access water cooler that accommodates 5-gallon jugs and is also available as a POU Bottle-Free water cooler providing pure, clean filtered water.

The MaxxFill Flex Point of Use Water Dispenser is a stylish addition to any contemporary kitchen or break room. The MaxxFill Flex eliminates the lifting of heavy 5-gallon water bottles with its easy bottom load access. Or, simply connect directly to a cold water line to dispense fresh, filtered water. The MaxxFill Flex Water Cooler by Oasis Provides Your Choice of Water Delivery. This flexible water dispenser provides an endless supply of hot, cold, and ambient water on demand - - from either source! Advanced features combined with superior technology equate to safe, great-tasting water every time!

For Point of Use Filtered Water Without the Hassel of 5 Gallon Water Bottles, We Offer a Variety of Filtration Options

NO FILTRATION - This option may be desirable for homes, businesses, or offices that use Point of Entry filtration.  The cooler comes ready to accommodate 5-gallon bottles of water. Just connect the lines and you're ready to go!

Standard 2-Stage Filtration - Galaxi Filter and Sediment Filter Configuration

  • Stage 1 – Sediment Filter – Spun bonded polypropylene ‘green’ sediment filter.
    Replace the sediment filter once per year.
  • Stage 2Galaxi by Oasis – Galaxis’ unique filter design combines activated carbon with a cellulose-free synthetic fiber matrix. Superior to traditional active carbon filter elements, the Galaxi takes water filtration to the next level. Performs as a sediment filter and a carbon block in a single cartridge.
    Replace the Galaxi filter once per year.

Features of the Galaxi Water Filter by Oasis

  • Dramatically reduces chlorine taste & odor
  • High-performance blocking improves dirt-holding capacity
  • Prevents carbon fines from being released into the water stream
  • Reduces lead & cysts

The MaxxFill Flex Features an Innovative Design combined with Ease of Use and Versatility

  • EverStream™ System - Fill up faster and more often with 1.5x the capacity of standard bottle coolers.
  • BottleFlex™ Alcove - Tallest on the market - 13-inch dispensing height area fits virtually any size bottle without tipping. Alcove also includes a night light.
  • SmartAdapt™ Operation - This allows you to easily switch from POU to bottle mode.
  • Freshield™ Antimicrobial - Protects against the growth of odor-causing, staining micro-organisms.
  • Two-temperature model - Hot and Cold
  • Sturdy ABS cabinet - High impact polymer on top, base, and front panel.
  • Cold water tank - Durable type 300 stainless steel reservoir with an external copper refrigerant coil. Encased in pre-fitted molded plastic foam insulation.
  • Cold water capacity - Up to 2 gallons (6.5 L) of 50° F water per hour
  • Cold water refrigeration - Convection cooled condenser, internally spring mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector.
  • Hot water tank - 1-1/2 quart, 300 series stainless steel tank with a 500-watt element
  • Hot water capacity - Up to 1 gallon (3.5 L) of piping hot water per hour. Hot water temperature range - 165°F - 194°F
  • Hot water safety faucet - Safety faucet button requires a two-step action to prevent accidental dispensing. 
  • Large 13" dispensing area for filling sports bottles and carafes
  • Drip receptor - Durable drip tray lifts out for easy removal and is dishwasher safe
  • Energy Star certified
  • CUL listed
  • 3-year limited warranty

Specifications of the MaxxFill Flex Bottleless Water Cooler

 Dimensions 42.33" H x 12.2" W x 14.2" D
Approx. Weight 33 lbs.
Dispensing Area Height 13-inches
Cooling Rate | Temp Up to 2 Gallons of 50°F water per hour
Heating Rate | Temp Up to 1 Gallon of 165°F water per hour
Electrical Requirements 115V | 60 Hz
Wattage Heating - 460W | Cooling - 95W, 1.5A
Warranty 3 Year Limited
Owner's Manual MaxxFill Flex Bottleless Water Cooler Owner's Manual
Installation Hardware is included.
Customer is responsible for local plumbing codes. Pure n Natural Systems, Inc. is not liable for damage or other undesirable consequences incurred by misuse, improper assembly, or improper installation of any Bottleless Water Cooler. Pure n Natural Systems does not sell or recommend any specific brand of bottled water.
Components in this water cooler are lead-free as defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986 and the Lead Contamination Control Act of 1988. Model Listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories to U.S. and Canadian Standards.

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