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Silent - Airfree Lotus | Filterless Air Sterilizer is Beautiful & Colorful

Airfree Lotus eliminates all microorganisms and allergens in the air, silently and without harming the environment. Effective in areas up to 650 square feet.


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Airfree Lotus is Silent, Requires no Filters and Destroys Allergens

Airfree Lotus combines distinctive design with exclusive technology. Not only does Lotus keep your air totally clear of pollutants, watch in fascination as it's "petals" open in the same way a lotus flower does. Plus, its unique display changes colors. However, it will display only one color if you prefer. Because its design is inspired by the striking beauty and mysticism of the lotus flower, Airfree provides simple, natural and effective air cleaning. Airfree's Lotus eliminates nearly all microorganisms and allergens in the air, silently and without harming the environment.

Exclusive Patented Thermodynamic TSS™ Technology

Airfree works on the TSS Principle. Thermodynamic TSS™ Technology destroys mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke and other organic allergens. Certainly, Lotus is perfect in areas with mold contamination. And, it's also great for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Airfree’s exclusive technology is completely silent and you'll never change filters or worry about maintenance. In fact, all you do is plug it and let Lotus do its job.

How TSS Works

  • First, contaminated air enters the Airfree unit by natural air convection
  • Next, temperatures close to 400°F eliminate microorganisms
  • Before sterilized air exits the unit, its cooled
  • Finally, Purified air dissipates throughout the environment

TSS™ Technology is almost like the concept of boiling water. By using heat to destroy microorganisms, Airfree’s Lotus can boast 100% efficiency as the purified air exits the unit. The entire process is completely silent and requires no maintenance – no filter replacement.

No Added Replacement Filter Costs or Maintenance - The beauty of Airfree is its simplicity. Certainly, one of its best benefits is that Lotus doesn't require filters or replacement parts. Indeed, this feature alone will save money and time.

Lotus is Completely Silent - Oftentimes air purifiers are used in bedrooms. Therefore, Airfree is perfect for bedrooms because it’s completely silent. This promotes a better environment for sleeping.

Airfree Lotus Changes Colors, or Pick Just One! - According to chromotherapy, colors exert specific influences on us, each one in its own way. As Lotus purifies the air, different colored lights create a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Adjustable Night Light - In addition, Airfree comes with an adjustable night light that may help create a cozy and comfortable environment. This certainly makes Lotus ideal for bedrooms and nurseries.

Low Energy Consumption - Airfree Thermodynamic TSS™ Technology does not use filters or fans, therefore, it has a very low energy consumption.

Air Lotus Model

Specifications of the Airfree Lotus Air Sterilizer

Dimensions Depth - 7.7" | Width - 7.7" | Height - 13"
Weight 5.2 lbs.
Capacity 650 Square Feet
Electrical Consumption 52W
Voltage 120V
Warranty 2 Year
Airfree is designed to be placed on the floor. Do not place the Airfree Air Sterilizer under or on furniture nor behind curtains or blinds.