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DesignAir | Replacement Pre Filter - 41005

Replacement foam pre-filter for DesignAir. This filter can be vacuumed and re-used, but will need to be replaced if worn, torn or used in smoking environments.

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DesignAir Electronic Air Cleaner Replacement Pre-Filter

The pre-filter is designed to capture large particles including hair, dust, lint, dander & pollen, so the HEPA filter can do it's job. Smaller microscopic particles flow through which are captured by the HEPA filter. 

To clean the pre-filter, remove and shake out or brush off the accumulated dust and lint. If this is not adequate, a vacuum cleaner may be used or the prefilter can be cleaned with an all-purpose alkaline detergent to remove tobacco smoke and cooking grease stains. A thorough rinsing is required after each cleaning. The pre-filter should be completely dried before inserting back into the unit. The pre-filter will need to be replaced after several washings as the the material will naturally begin to deteriorate.

Used in the DesignAir Portable Electronic Air Cleaner