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Fume Fighter | Direct Source Capture Fume Extractor

225 CFM portable air cleaner utilizes up to 2 flexible arms that can be positioned near or at the source of contamination.

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The FumeFighter® fume extraction air cleaner is designed to capture and clean fumes and gases generated from soldering, adhesives, stained glass work, nail salons and many other indoor applications.

Compact, portable and versatile, the Fume Fighter can be used in a variety of applications including electronics soldering, jewelry repair, brazing, clean-rooms, nail salons & more! The FumeFighter® is the most protective filter available and is specified by OSHA for use with lead or cadmium. Overexposure to lead, cadmium and fluorides can lead to employee health problems, increased medical costs and decreased productivity. The FumeFighter® can help protect you from these needless liabilities! This exceptionally high quality air cleaner couples the largest filters available in the industry with a compact, vibration free blower package.

Fume Fighter Features and Benefits

  • Principles of Operation - Polluted air is drawn through the prefilter to remove the larger particles. The remaining sub-micron particles are removed in the main HEPA filter. The air is then sent through a long-life carbon filter to remove odors.
  • High Efficiency - FumeFighter® offers true HEPA filtration with 82 sq. ft. of media.
  • Triple Filtration - FumeFighter® uses two stages of mechanical filtration followed by activated carbon for control of gaseous contaminants.
  • Airflow matched to your needs - Infinitely adjustable speed up to 225 cubic feet per minute.
  • Compact - 22.5" log x 17" wide x 27" tall, 70 lbs., fits under most workstation tables.
  • Quiet - Bottom discharge, dynamically balanced, backward curved impeller and optional silencer means quiet fume control.
  • Economical - Long lasting filters, energy efficient impeller and quality construction means the Fume Fighter will save you money now and in the future. Individual carbon and HEPA cartridges can be replaced individually keeping maintenance costs down.
  • Optional Collector Arms - Add up to 2 - 48" long, 3" diameter stainless steel arms. Arms move and stay to exact location operator sets.

How does the FumeFighter Fume Extractor Work?

The FumeFighter® triple filtration fume extraction system includes two stages of mechanical filtration followed by a third stage of activated charcoal (carbon) for control of gaseous contaminants. All three filtration stages are independent allowing for maximum use of air cleaners. In addition to providing the benefits of Triple Filtration, the FumeFighter® offers maximum filtration capacity for fume extraction. The FumeFighter® provides a generous 82 square feet of filter area - the maximum available in its class. This translates into maximum filter life and value. The FumeFighter® also comes with a full 15 pounds of carbon. This also translates into minimum maintenance and maximum cost effectiveness.The blower package is a German built motorized impeller using a very high efficiency external rotor motor that delivers more airflow with less energy. The FumeFighter comes standard with an infinitely variable speed control that provides maximum versatility to the user while consuming less than 2 amps at 115V. All of this in a compact unit designed to fit under a standard workstation table.

FumeFighter Fume and Odor Direct Capture Air Purifier Specifications

Airflow Up to 225 CFM (with 2 arms)
Installation Options Portable - Designed to work directly at source of 1 or 2 workstations.
Dimensions 22.5" L x 17" W x 27" H
Cabinet 18G welded steel with chemical resistant painted finish
Weight 70 lbs.
Electrical 115 VAC | 60 Hz | 2 amps
Power Cord 10' power cord with standard molded plug
Three Filter System Pre-filter - 15" x 60" mesh impregnated with carbon wrapped around the HEPA filter
HEPA Filter - 82 sq. ft. of 99.97% efficient at 0.3 micron particle size
Carbon Post Filter - 15 pound blend of Activated Carbon and Potassium Permanganate
Noise Level dB(A) 67 | 62 with silencer
Controller Infinitely variable motor speed control
Motorized Impeller Backward curved, vibration-free, direct valve
Collector Arm Add up to 2 collection arms (sold separately). 48" long, 3" diameter stainless steel
Warranty 3 Year Limited