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Smokeeter SE50 | Commercial Air Cleaner - Smoke Eater

600 - 1500 CFM (3 speeds) - 1 unit covers up to 2,200 sq. ft. Includes electrostatic precipitator / ionizing collection cell for superior tobacco smoke removal.

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Smokeeter is well known around the world as the ultimate commercial Smoke Eater air cleaner.

600 - 1500 CFM (3 speeds) - 1 unit covers up to 2,200 sq. ft. Includes electrostatic precipitator / ionizing collection cell for superior tobacco smoke removal.

The Smokeeter Model SE50 is designed to clean air as a single unit or in conjunction with additional Smokeeter units by creating efficient airflow patterns. The Smokeeter SE50 is particularly ideal for areas or environments with high ceilings, or that have little space above the ceiling and is effective in areas up to 2,200 sq. ft. As its name implies, this system is great for cleaning the air in smoking establishments such as Bars, Casinos, Nightclubs, and Restaurants.

Smokeeter SE50 Commercial Air Cleaner


Smokeeter air cleaners use Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology to remove contaminants like smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses from the air. Harmful particles are drawn into the Smokeeter unit and given an electronic charge. Then, like a magnet, ESP Collection Cells capture the charged pollutants and send the contaminant-free air through a carbon after-filter to eliminate odors. The result: clean, fresh air circulated throughout the room.

In addition to ensuring cleaner air for your customers, guests, and employees, Smokeeters can actually lower utility bills. These systems keep cleaned air moving indoors instead of exhausting costly heated or cooled air outdoors. Also, Smokeeters use less energy than media units, which require more horsepower. These air cleaners can also reduce housekeeping costs by minimizing pollution build-up on walls, windows, and furnishings.

Smoke Eaters are extremely effective in non-smoking  environments as well, where many harmful contaminants are invisible, including healthcare facilities, offices and schools.

Smokeeters utilize easy-to-clean, reusable aluminum collection cell components that eliminate the need for frequent filter replacements. Smokeeters have twice as much collection surface area as other ESP air cleaners, allowing for longer time periods between cleanings. In most commercial establishments, air cleaning systems run continuously. That's why Smokeeters are built to provide years of service, even under the most demanding applications. Along with impeccable performance, the durability of the unit's equipment is demonstrated by years of dependable service.

Superior Filtration in the Smokeeter SE50 Commercial Air Cleaner

Stage 1 - Pre-Filter
The pre-filter traps the larger particles and evenly distributes the air as it passes through to the ionizing section of the Unicell.

Stage 2 - Ionizer
The ionizing section is made up of fine tungsten wires supported between metal plates. When high voltage is applied to these parts a “corona” field is generated which imparts a high voltage charge on particles that pass through it.

Stage 3 - Electronic Cell
The electronic cell collection section
 is made up of a series of convoluted metal plates These plates act like a magnet and attract the charged particles, removing them, from the air. The plates are alternately charged positive and ground. The positive plates repel the particles while the ground plates attract them, yielding a very high efficiency.

Stage 4 - Activated Carbon After-Filter
Carbon aids in the removal of odors from the air. The carbon after filter removes any residual odors from the system and polishes the air as it exits the system.

Certain workplaces have clean air concerns that involve particularly harsh and potentially dangerous contaminants. The Smokeeter SE50 Smoke Eater is your solution to the most demanding of these needs. The Smokeeater SE50 Smoke Eater cleans and deodorizes the air, reduces time spent cleaning equipment and minimizes losses from damaged inventory.

The Smokeeter SE50 Smoke Eater works extremely well in (but is not limited to) the following environments

  • Photo Lab - Dust, dirt particles and processing chemicals can damage work in progress, reduce productivity and increase employee health risks.
  • Beauty Shop - Smoke, dust, hairsprays and chemicals cause especially unhealthy air environments for employees and customers.
  • Dry Cleaner - Dirt, dust and lint from clothing cause unhealthy air. Dry cleaning chemicals can unhealthy environments.
  • Print Shop - Fumes and odors from inks and chemicals fill the air. Offset printing powders hamper production and are inhaled by employees.
  • Nursing Home/Health Care - The elderly are especially vulnerable to respiratory problems from dust, pollens, molds, bacteria, food odors, tobacco smoke and cleaning agents.
  • Office - Dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, pollens and vapors from furnishings combine to create an unhealthy work environment.
  • Day Care Center - Because children's respiratory rates are 10 times higher than the average adult, they are at higher risks to allergies, viruses, cold germs and other airborne contaminants.
  • Restaurant/Bar - Cigar smoke, cigarette smoke, dust and food odors create unhealthy, unpleasant air and leave a negative impact on customers.
  • Veterinary Clinic - Poor air quality due to animal dander and odors as well as bacteria and viruses can harm people and pets.
  • Bowling Center - Tobacco smoke, dust and food odors create an unpleasant atmosphere.
  • Body Shop - Primer dust, body filler and paint overspray affect work quality and employee health.
  • Vocational School - Wood dust, inks, chemicals, welding smoke and paints pose a serious health hazard.
  • Plus - Billiard Rooms & Pool Halls, Taverns, Night Clubs, Hookah Lounges, Cigar Bars, Wine Clubs, Bingo Halls, VFW Halls, Moose Lodges, American Legion Posts, and anywhere there's a concern about dirty, contaminated air.

Smokeeter SE50 Commercial Air Cleaner Specifications

Capacity Up to 2,200 Sq. Ft.
3 Speed High - 1,500 CFM | Medium - 1,050 CFM | Low - 600 CFM
Installation Options Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount
Dimensions 40" L x 19-1/2" W x 20" H
Cabinet 16 Gauge Steel with Black Finish
4 Stage Cleaning System Pre-Filter - Aluminum Mesh pre-filter traps larger particles and evenly distributes the air across the ionizing section to maximize efficiency
Ionizer - The ionizing section electronically charges the airborne pollution particles
Electrostatic Cell - 'Magnetizes' the electronically charged particles to collector plates where they are held until cleaned
After-Filter - Activated Carbon after-filter helps to control odors and polishes the air coming out of the unit
Weight Shipping - 151 lbs. | Unit - 140 lbs.
Electrical 8.4 amps | 115VAC | 60 Hz | 900W
Motor 1/2 hp
Particle Removal As small as 0.01 microns
Warranty 3 year limited warranty
Certifications All electrical components and fan motor are ETL listed