LifeStyle Plus | Permanent Electrostatic Central AC & Furnace Air Filters

Better than BoAir, LifeStyle Plus Permanent Electrostatic Furnace Filters are easy to install, and clean, and come with a LIFETIME Warranty! Whole House HVAC Filters are available in several standard and custom sizes.   Read More...

All filters are NOMINALLY sized and are undercut by 1/2-inch on both length & width (from end of frame to end of frame).
For EXACT custom sizes, please complete the >> Custom Size Form here <<

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LifeStyle Plus Whole House Electrostatic Air Filter from Permatron

Common indoor air quality problems can be reduced by the addition of high-quality, washable, electrostatic air filters to your home's central HVAC system. As air circulates through the LifeStyle Plus furnace filter, particles are drawn into the media and held there until the filter is cleaned. We recommend cleaning the filters on a monthly basis. For the best results, the HVAC fan should run continuously. You'll enjoy enhanced indoor comfort while keeping your HVAC system running clean. 

LifeStyle Plus Furnace Filters are Available in 2 Performance Levels

BETTER - Lifestyle Plus Electrostatic Air Filters (Model LR) - Provide low resistance to airflow (airflow from your HVAC unit is not restricted) while maintaining good arrestance efficiency (they trap and hold more particulate). They're ideal for heat pumps, sensitive 90+ efficient furnaces, and systems with limited airflow. The durable Lifestyle Plus Model LR furnace filter is constructed with a combination of woven polypropylene media supported by unique corrugated steel in a stainless steel frame. 

BEST - Lifestyle Plus Electrostatic Air Filters (Model MF) - Provide high-efficiency allergy relief.  Their high arrestance efficiency maintains good initial resistance to airflow. Constructed with woven polypropylene, plus non-woven polyester, the Lifestyle Plus Model MF furnace filters provide maximum particulate removal.

LifeStyle Plus Furnace Filters are Washable Both Versions of the LifeStyle Plus Furnace Filter Perform Exceptionally Well at Removing Airborne Particulate PLUS Include the Following Incredible Features...
  • Uses natural static electricity to capture airborne particles
  • Greatly reduces airborne allergy-causing contaminants
  • The BEST & LAST filter you'll ever buy
  • High quality, durable material backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Green, environmentally friendly product
  • Washable - cleans up in minutes
LifeStyle Plus Electrostatic Furnace Air Filters are designed to be a direct replacement for your existing throw-away filters. NO electricity or system modifications are necessary!

Installation and maintenance are a breeze - Simply install your LifeStyle Plus furnace filter where your old air filter was located. The LS Plus furnace filters are permanent, washable, and re-usable. To clean, simply rinse with water, let dry, and re-install.

Established Performance of the LifeStyle Plus Electrostatic Furnace Air Filters

LifeStyle Plus Model LR
(Low Resistance)
LifeStyle Plus Model MF
(Max Filtration)
Average Arrestance 74% 90%
Dust Holding Capacity 110 grams 123 grams
Initial Airflow Resistance 0.07" w.g. @ 300 FPM airflow 0.19" w.g. @ 300 FPM airflow
MERV Rating 6 6
Materials Classified by UL as to flammability only
Frame Construction Stainless Steel | Wire reinforced
Sizes Available in 25 standard sizes with a 1" frame. Custom sizes available. Please contact us for pricing.
Material Woven polypropylene media supported by unique corrugated steel in a stainless steel frame. Combination of woven polypropylene plus non-woven polyester supported by expanded metal in a stainless steel frame.

Warranty - The LifeStyle Plus Electrostatic Air Filter is designed to last the life of the air system in which it is installed and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty (residential applications) against defects in material and workmanship. 


AC Furnace Filter Measurements

Need a Custom Size LifeStyle Plus Filter?

If you don't see your size listed in the drop-down, complete this form and we'll email you a link with your custom size.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom size filters are NOT returnable. LifeStyle Plus filters are ONLY available in 1-inch thickness. 

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