Evaporator Air Plenum - MovinCool Climate Pro K60, K63 - 484350-1210

For use with the following MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners:
Climate Pro K60 / Climate Pro K63 

SKU: 484350-1210

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Evaporator Air Plenum

Why do I need the Evaporator Air Plenum? If you are installing your MovinCool Climate Pro K60 or K63 into an adjacent room from the room being cooled, this accessory is required. Simply attached the Evaporator (aka Indoor Heat Exchanger Plenum) to the front of the unit, attach duct, and direct the ducting to pull warm air from the adjacent room. Attach exhaust ducts to the unit to direct cool air back into the adjacent room.

For use with the following MovinCool spot coolers;

Watch How to Install MovinCool Evaporator Air Plenum

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