BioKool™ Air Therapy Portable Hygienic Air Conditioner from KwiKool®

The BioKool is available in Air Cooled or Water Cooled version. 13,800 BTU's of cooling, combined with HEPA/ULPA filtration + UV Disinfection provides a complete solution for hospitals, healthcare facilities, dental offices, etc.  Read More...


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The BioKool 13,800 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cleans, Cools, and Disinfects. It's Engineered Safe for Use in Health Care Environments

Healthcare facilities, hospitals, dental offices, labs, and clean rooms require a higher level of protection and performance when it comes to portable spot cooling. With several unique features, the BioKool portable spot cooler will outperform any unit on the market today. 

BioKool is exclusively equipped with "Air Therapy" a four-point hygienic process that provides spot cooling, air cleaning, disinfecting, and microbial reduction.  It's the only Hospital Grade portable air conditioner available and the first real solution for emergency or hot spot cooling in a healthcare setting.
  • The BioKool Provides 13,800 BTU of Cooling Power - BioKool uses KwiKool's exclusive I/O integral condenser system. This technology completely isolates the condenser section from the conditioned space. A single duct portable system creates a negative pressure in the conditioned space which draws in unprocessed air from outside the space. Balanced air pressure is a must to create a clean environment and to prevent cross-contamination. 
  • High-Efficiency HEPA Filter -  A hermetically sealed four-inch-thick ULPA/HEPA filter removes 99.999% of particles greater than .03 microns in size.
  • UV Disinfection - Internal UVC light reduces microorganisms by irradiating the evaporator coil, airstream, and the internal surfaces of the evaporator chamber. With a UVC light in place, microorganisms and pathogens no longer a threat.
  • Prevents Mold GrowthThe inside of the BioKool’s evaporator chamber features a smooth, non-porous, and UV resistant surface evaporator insulation. This smooth surface makes it difficult for molds or other microbes from attaching to the insulation.  It also repels moisture which aids in preventing microbe growth.

The BioKool effectively cools while preventing the spread of microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. It provides a safe, clean, reliable, and economical way to provide clean, cool air in environments with uncompromising standards.

The BioKool is available as an Air Cooled or Water Cooled System

What's the difference between Air Cooled and Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioners? Just as their name implies, an air-cooled portable air conditioner cools the ambient air with a compressor, and warm air is forced out by means of an exhaust duct. The warm air can be ducted to the outside, into a ceiling (above the ceiling tile), or into an adjacent room. A water-cooled air conditioning system, on the other hand, uses water to cool the heat from the compressor. No ductwork is required for a water-cooled system, but a water source is. A water-cooled portable air conditioner is preferred if there is no place to exhaust the warm air generated during the cooling process.
NOTE - If the purchase the Air Cooled Version, the Ceiling Exhast Kit is Recommended

Additional Features of the BioKool Portable Air Conditioner

  • BioKool runs on a standard 115-volt/15-amp circuit and is equipped with an automatic restart to continue cooling after a power failure.
  • The unit comes with an internal high lift condensate pump and a 5-gallon exterior condensate tank with float activated unit cut off for short-term use. 
  • Condensate overflow protection
  • Inlets and outlets are ductible.
  • ETL and CETL listed to UL and CSA standards
  • Multi-function microprocessor control with a large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Easy-touch control pads make changing system settings a snap
  • Self-Diagnostics include audible alarm and LCD visual display readout for system fault conditions
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve
  • Heavy-duty compressor with automatic restart and short cycle protection
  • Motors and compressors have overload protection
  • High-pressure safety with manual reset
  • Low-pressure safety with automatic reset
  • Automatic freeze protection using hot gas bypass and fan cycling
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Rifle tube coils for efficient heat transfer
  • Fully insulated, heavy-duty galvanized steel cabinet with KwiKool’s exclusive E-Z Clean™ scratch-resistant attractive two-tone HammerCoat™ epoxy protective finish for optimum durability, efficiency, low maintenance, and quiet operation
  • Sight glass with moisture indicator
  • Filter dryer for moisture protection
  • Easy access service door

Specifications of the BioKool Portable Air Conditioner

  Air Cooled - KBIO1411 Water Cooled - KWBIO1411
BTU/hr @ 95°F at 60% RH 13,800 / 1-Ton 13,800 / 1-Ton
ULPA/HEPA Filter 99.999% @ > .12 Microns 99.999% @ > .12 Microns
UVC Light Wave Length UVC 17 Watts / MAX 85 Watts UVC 17 Watts / MAX 85 Watts
Compressor Type Hermetic Rotary Hermetic Rotary
Operating Temperatures 65-105°F / 50% RH 65-105°F / 50% RH
Non-CFC Refrigerant R410A R410A
Fan Type (Centrifugal) Direct Drive Direct Drive
Air Flow (CFM) 450 / Single Speed 450 / Single Speed
Supply Air Data Adjustable Vent Adjustable Vent
Supply Air Chute Data (Optional) (2) 5" D x 16" L (2) 5" D x 16" L
I/O Integral Condenser - In/Out Balanced Airflow N/A
Fan Type (Centrifugal) Direct Drive N/A
Air Flow (CFM) 700 N/A
Condenser Duct Data (Optional) (2) 12" D x 8' L N/A
Condenser Maximum Duct Length 25 feet N/A
Flow Regulation Valve .5" NPT N/A Automatic
Inlet Water 85°F N/A Exit 3 GPM - 95°F
Inlet Water 75°F N/A Exit 1.5 GPM - 95°F
Inlet Water 65°F N/A Exit 1 GPM - 95°F
Inlet Water 55°F N/A Exit .75 GPM - 95°F
Power Supply (Volts) 115V / Single Phase 115V / Single Phase
Current Consumption (Amps) 14.7 12
Power Consumption (kW) 1.72 1.38
Max Circuit Breaker (Amps) 20 20
Recommended Breaker Size 20 15
Min/Max Voltage 105-125 105-125
Power Cord Gauge / Length 14 AWG / 6 feet 14 AWG / 6 feet
Plug Configuration NEMA 5 - 15 NEMA 5 - 15
Unit Dimensions 16.325" (W) x 43.25" (D) x 37.75" (H) 16.325" (W) x 29" (D) x 37.75" (H)
Unit Weight 230 lbs. 189 lbs.
Shipping Weight 280 lbs. 239 lbs.
Compressor Overload
Internal Internal
Fan Motor Overload Automatic Internal Automatic Internal
Evaporator Freeze-Up Hot Gas Bypass Hot Gas Bypass
High-Pressure Switch Manual Manual
Low-Pressure Switch Auto Auto
Compressor Short Cycle Yes Yes
Automatic Restart Yes Yes
Condensate Pump Overflow Yes Yes
Condensate Tank Overflow Yes Yes

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