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DesignAir | Replacement Carbon Filter - 41006

Replacement granular carbon filter for DesignAir electronic air cleaner. Honeycomb design for optimum odor and gas control. Replace as often as needed or annually. This filter cannot be washed.

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DesignAir Replacement Activated Carbon Post Filter

Carbon is designed to remove odors and VOCs. When used as a post filter, it absorbs any residual odors that get through the pre-filter or HEPA filter. Your air will have a super clean and fresh smell as the carbon polishes off the air cleaning process.

Occasionally, the carbon filter will need cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. The odor absorption capabilities of the carbon last between three to six months. Once the carbon filter can no longer remove odors from the air, the filter will have to be replaced.

Used in the DesignAir Portable Electronic Air Cleaner