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TM-1000 | Dual Articulated Arm Attachment for TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner

Dual articulated arm attachment is available in 4" diameter with 5' or 7' lengths. Perfect for 2 workstations in your shop or factory.

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For 2 workstations that are in close proximity, the dual-arm attachment for the TM1000 is your best bet for source capture air cleaning.

The dual-arm source capture attachment is available with a  4” diameter base and your choice of 5-foot or 7-foot arm lengths. Dual arms provide versatility, durability, and are extremely effective at collecting particulate at the source where 2 work stations are in close proximity. Source capture arms are externally supported, with no internal working parts other than the damper, offering increased airflow, ease of movement, and exact positioning.

Features of Micro Air's Dual Source Capture Arms for the TaskMaster TM-1000

  • Withstands Rigors of Industrial Use
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Easy Operation
  • Higher Airflow Performance
  • Increased Capture Velocity
  • Easy Movement and Positioning
  • Less Restriction, Holds Position

For use with the Task Master TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner