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TM-1000 | Downdraft Table Attachment for TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner

Protect your worker's breathing and vision zones with a downdraft table attachment. Captures fumes and dust from welding, grinding or soldering.

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Downdraft Table Attachment for Task Master TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner

The downdraft table attachment provides a portable downdraft work surface that's ideal for welding, grinding, soldering & sanding. It's large 18" x 24" work area provides ample space to safely remove the dust and fumes associated with finishing processes. The TM-1000 downdraft table will draw contaminants away from the worker's vision and breathing zones, increasing work quality and decreasing air quality hazards to workers in surrounding areas.

The Downdraft Table Attachment Includes;

  • Downdraft Table
  • 8' Flexible Hose
  • Adapter Collar
  • 2 - Hose Clamps
  • NOTE: 15’ and 25’ hose lengths are available to allow the Downdraft Table to be remotely located.

For use in the Task Master TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner