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PR8.0 | Cigarette Smoke Eliminator Commercial Air Cleaner

400 - 800 CFM - 1 unit covers approximately 800 sq. ft. Flush mount system with 3 filtration stages. Installation hardware included.

First Years Filters Included!

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Keep your environment smoke-free with our PR8.0 flush ceiling mount commercial cigarette smoke eliminator!

400 - 800 CFM - 1 unit covers approximately 4,800 cubic feet.
Includes installation hardware & all filters required for approximately 1 year!

The PR8.0 Cigarette Smoke Eliminator / Commercial Air Cleaner is designed to drop into a suspended ceiling by replacing either 1) 2' x 4' ceiling tile or 2) 2' x 2' ceiling tiles. Clearance above the suspended ceiling needs to be at least 13". The PR8.0 commercial air cleaner should not be installed in areas that have higher ceilings than 8 or 9 feet. The weight of the system does not rest on the ceiling grids, but instead is secured to a joist or beam above the drop ceiling. All of the filters in the PR8.0 Cigarette smoke eliminator are accessible from the louvered door on the face of the system. 1 unit is recommended for every 800 square feet.

How does the PR8.0 work?...

3 Filter System Provides Excellent Clean Air Results

The PR8.0 HEPA Filtration System uses a powerful blower to draw the air from smoke-filled areas. As the air is drawn through the high-efficiency filter media, 95% of the tobacco smoke particles are removed on each pass. The clean air that is constantly discharged into the area is refreshing and remarkably free of tobacco smoke and other contaminants.

  • Stage 1 - Pre-Filter - The pre filter is important because not only does it remove the larger particles, it also helps prolong the life of the HEPA filter in the system. Essentially, the pre filter is the first line of defense in maintaining your system; therefore promoting better indoor air quality. 
    12 Polyester pre-filters are supplied with each system. Pre-filters cannot be washed and must be changed monthly.
  • Stage 2 - Activated Carbon Filter - Activated Carbon removes odors by absorbing odors, gases & VOC's into the filter. Think of carbon as an "odor sponge". It can hold many times its weight in odor molecules. However, once carbon becomes "saturated" it loses its efficiency. Thus, proper maintenance of the carbon filter is required to keep your environment fresh & clean smelling. 
    6 Activated Carbon Filters pads are supplied with each system. Carbon Filters cannot be washed and should be changed every 2 months.
  • Stage 3 - HEPA Filter - The HEPA filter removes the very small particles, such as smoke (tobacco, burning wood, oil, rosin), dust mites, spores, mold spores, pollen, spray paint, spray paint dust, ashes, cement dust, auto emissions, textile fibers, fiberglass, hairspray, insecticide dust, copier toner and most viruses just to name a few. The HEPA filter is extremely important for superior air filtration and when used and maintained properly it will dramatically improve your indoor air quality. We cannot stress enough the importance of the HEPA filter to our system and the fact the HEPA filter must be maintained in order to achieve the maximum results. 
    1 - 12" HEPA Filter is supplied with each PR8.0 air cleaner. The HEPA filter cannot be washed and should be changed annually.

The PR8.0 cigarette smoke eliminator is an excellent choice for offices, bars, VFW halls, hotels, truck stops, beauty salons, retail shops, bowling centers, restaurants or lounge areas.

The PR8.0 is Available with Optional Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps!

UV Bulb for Commercial Air Cleaners

Why Optional Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps in Commercial Air Cleaners?

It is well know that UV germicidal lamps can destroy any microorganism that it comes in contact with. As microbes pass through UV-C, the light penetrates directly into the organism's nucleus. This disrupts the molecular bonds of it's "DNA". The microbe is unable to reproduce and shortly thereafter it dies, leaving no offspring. This method is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for its germicidal effects. The destruction of germs and bacteria by germicidal ultraviolet light is accomplished quickly and effectively. Filters trap particulate, but only when germs are attached to particulate, can the germs be trapped as well. The use of ultraviolet, along with a highly efficient filtering media provides a truly clean, virus & bacteria free environment.


PR8.0 Commercial Cigarette Smoke Eliminator Specifications

Capacity Up to 800 Sq. Ft.
2-Speed High - 800 CFM | Low - 400 CFM
Sound Level @ 5' High - 64 dB | Low - 62 dB
Installation Options Flushmount - Fits into 2 - 2' x 2' or 1 - 2' x 4' ceiling tile
Dimensions 46-1/2" L x 23-3/4" W x 12" H
Cabinet Construction Aluminum
Shipping Weight 75 lbs.
Electrical 2.1 amps | 120V
Power Cord 10' long | 3 prong grounded plug
Three Filter System Includes 1 Year Supply of Filters;
(1) - 6" HEPA Filter
(6) - 1/2" Activated Carbon Filters
(12) - 1/2" Pre-Filters
Warranty All Systems carry a lifetime Blower/Motor Warranty*
Certifications All electrical components and fan motor are UL Listed and CSA Certified
NOTE: 13" clearance above drop ceiling required. Install by removing ceiling tile and dropping unit in. Plug in or hard wire. Installation hardware included.
*Lifetime Blower/Motor warranty applies if filters are changed as required and are purchased from Pure n Natural Systems, Inc.