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OSKAR Room Humidifier by Stadler Form

Loaded with features, OSKAR Evaporative Humidifier by Stadler Form is perfect for humidifying rooms up to 540 sq. ft. OSKAR can put out up to 2.4 gallons of moisture every 24 hours. Night mode, fragrance container and easy refill make OSKAR a powerful, smart humidifier.


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OSKAR, the Evaporative Room Humidifier by Stadler Form, silently humidifies up to 540 square feet.

Adding the right amount of moisture to your indoor air is crucial for health and well-being. Dry, winter air can lead to stuffiness, headaches, dry skin & scalp, static electricity, not to mention problems with instruments, wood surfaces, plants, etc. If you're tired of dry indoor air, OSKAR, the evaporative humidifier can be your new best pal. Emitting up to 2.4 gallons of moisture per day, Oskar can handle your dry air woes. And, he's loaded with useful features including 2 output levels, night mode, 'no-water' indicator, integrated hygrostat and fragrance dispenser.

Advanced Features of OSKAR Evaporate Humidifier by Stadler Form

  • Antibacterial Filters ensure clean water and bacteria free output - reminder function lets you know the filters need to be replaced
  • Water Cube prevents the growth of waterborne germs and bacteria inside the humidifier
  • Output Speed - LED panel lets you choose high or low output speed
  • Integrated Hygrostat - 5 Humidity Levels including 'continuous operation'
  • Night Light - 3 Light Settings - Normal, dimmed or lights-out
  • Easy to fill water tank with water level window
  • Water Top-Off Opening - Easily refill OSKAR with a water bottle or watering can without turning the unit off!
  • Fragrance container for use with essential oils or fragrance cartridges
  • Economical - 18 watt max power
  • Automatic Shutoff - Unit turns off when water level is too low for proper operation


Specifications of OSKAR Evaporate Humidifier by Stadler Form

Dimensions 11.4" W x 9.7" H x 9.7" D
Weight 6.8 lbs.
Room Size Capacity 540 Sq. Ft
Humidity Output 2.4 gallons/day Max
Tank Capacity 0.9 gallons
Power 6-18 Watts
Sound level 26 - 39 dB(A)
Certifications EU / CE / RoHS / WEE
Warranty 1 Year Limited