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CleanLeaf | MERV 8 - 4 inch Pleated Pre-Filter

Pleated pre-filter protects the subsequent filters in your CleanLeaf Air Filtration System

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4" MERV 8 Pre-Filter for CleanLeaf Air Filtration Systems

This medium-efficiency pleated pre-filter catches any large particulate that may exist in your environment. The pre-filter's primary purpose is to increase the lifetime of the subsequent filters. A MERV 8 efficiency provides the best balance between restriction and capture rate.

For use in the following CleanLeaf Air Filtration Systems;

  • CL-2500-CF
  • CL-2500-CF-PCO
  • CL-2500D-CF-PCO
  • CL-2500-CFP
  • CL-2500D-CFP
  • CL-2500-HE
  • CL-2500D-HE
  • CL-2500D-CC
  • CL-3000-CF (2)
  • CL-3000-CFP (2)
  • CL-3000-CF-PCO (2)