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Anna Little - The Petite Ceramic Space Heater by Stadler Form

Meet Anna Little by Stadler Form - The baby sister of Anna, Anna Little is a petite, portable fan heater. She'll add safe, soothing warmth to any smaller space in your home or office.

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Feel the Heat with Anna Little, the Petite, Discreetly Quiet, Personal Ceramic Fan Heater.

Stay warm with Anna Little by Stadler Form. She's a small, portable space heater who's not only hot, but quiet too. With her 2 power levels of 700 & 1200 watts, Anna Little will provide toasty warmth to any small room on those cool winter nights. And, Anna Little is cleverly designed for safety - she features an automatic tilt-protection shut-off and a non-overheating, self-regulating PTC ceramic heating element. The Anna Little portable space heater will be a welcome addition to anyone who prefers warmth over chill.

Features of Anna Little, the Personal Ceramic Space Heater by Stadler Form

  • Whisper quiet fan
  • Tilt-Protection
  • Automatic over-heating shut-off
  • Variable temperature setting


Specifications of Anna Little, the Personal Ceramic Space Heater by Stadler Form

Dimensions 5.75" W x 9.29" H x 3.74" D
Weight 3.3 lbs.
Rated Power 12500 W | 700 W
Sound Level <46 dB(A)
Certifications ETL compliant
Warranty 1 Year Limited