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LA-1400S | Electrostatic Indoor Cigarette Smoke Removal Air Cleaner Smoke Eater

LA-1400S Ceiling Mount Electronic Smoke Removal Air Cleaner - The 3-stage filter system in the LA-1400S traps 97% of particles down to 0.01 microns. 1 unit recommended for every 800 sq. ft. The LA-1400S Electronic Commercial Smoke Eater is great for Cigarette Smoke and Cigar Smoke Removal.

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The LA-1400S Smoke Removal Air Cleaner is a Commercial and Light Industrial Electronic Air Cleaner

The LA1400S provides the best in air cleaning with contemporary style and versatility. Your customers will notice the difference and so will you as the LA-1400S electronic air cleaner purifies your indoor air. The LA-1400S electronic air cleaner can be used in bars, casinos, restaurants, meeting halls, bowling alleys, clubs or anywhere you desire clean, fresh air. 1 unit recommended for approx. 800 square feet.

How does the LA-1400S Electronic Air Cleaner work?...

3 Stages of Filtration Provide Powerful Clean Air Results. The LA-1400S' triple action filtering system works like a pollution magnet, trapping up to 97% of particles as small as one-millionth of an inch for a healthier business or industrial environment. 

Stage 1 - Pre-Filter
The pre-filter keeps your LA-1400S electronic air cleaner running at peak performance. It helps to protect the electronic cell from larger particles including dust, hair, pollen, lint, etc.
The pre-filter is washable but should be replaced if showing signs of wear & tear. 

Stage 2 - Electrostatic Cell
Smaller particles, as small as 0.01 micron, pass through the pre-filter and to the ionizing section of the electronic cell where they are given an electrical charge. The "charged" particles then continue through to the collecting section of the cell where they are attracted to a series of grounded plates. The pollutants are held in this section until washed away during the cleaning process.
The electronic cell can be washed. See owner's manual for instructions. 

Stage 3 - Carbon After-Filter
Finally, the carbon after-filter eliminates any remaining odors and circulates fresh air back into the area.
Replace every 1-3 months, depending on the severity of pollutants.

The LA-1400S electronic smoke-removing air cleaner attracts and retains airborne particulate like a powerful magnet.

How the Lake Air Air Cleaners Work

As dirty air (1) is drawn through the air cleaner, the larger particles are trapped by a pre-filter screen (2). Smaller particles pass through to the ionizing section of the electronic cell (3) where they are given a positive electrical charge. The positively charged particles continue through to the negatively charged collecting section of the electronic filter cell (4) where they are attracted and caught by the opposite charge in this section - just like a magnet attracts iron filings. The pollutants are held on the collecting section until they are washed away during the cleaning process. The air is then passed through an odor-absorbing activated carbon, (sometimes referred to as charcoal) after-filter (5), freshening the purified air. The quiet circular fan (6) moves the purified air back into the room.

The LA-1400S Electronic Smoke Removal Air Cleaner is ideal for... Banks - Offices - Conference Rooms - Bars - Taverns - Barber Shops - Beauty Salons - Bingo Halls - Casinos - Bowling Alleys - Commercial Kitchens - Flower Shops - Lounges - Machine Shops - Night Clubs - Break Rooms - Pet Shops - Photo Labs - Print Shops - Restaurants - Retail Stores - Stadium Suites - Theaters - Stage Areas - Welding/Woodworking Shops

Features & Benefits of the LA-1400S Electronic Air Cleaner

  • The LA-1400S electronic filtering system costs just pennies to run. It also reduces heating and AC costs by eliminating the need to exhaust contaminated air and recondition replacement air. Plus, when dust and grime are removed from the air, costly electronic equipment - like computers - last longer. You'll breathe easier with these savings.
  • The LA-1400S electronic air cleaner is simple to clean and maintain. Easy access and universally recognizable controls make maintenance a breeze.
  • The LA-1400S smoke removal air cleaner can be mounted in a number of ways to suit your preferences and specific application needs to obtain maximum efficiency. Whether you use the eyebolts provided and hang the unit from the ceiling by chains or use the optional wall mounting bracket (#10009) to anchor your air purifier, you and your customers will welcome the clean air results!

LA-1400S Electronic Air Cleaner Specifications

Capacity Up to 800 Sq. Ft.
Two Speed High - 1,300 CFM | Low - 800 CFM
Installation Options Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount
Dimensions 17" L x 21.5" W x 19.5" H
Cabinet Options Black | White | Walnut
Weight Shipping - 73 lbs. | Unit - 65 lbs.
Electrical 5 amps | 120V AC | 60 Hz | 720W
Sound Level dB(A) High - 65 | Low - 53
Electronic Cell Collection Area 13,284 square inches
Particle Removal As small as 0.01 microns
Warranty 7 year limited warranty
Certifications All electrical components and fan motor are UL Listed and CSA Certified
LA-1400S Owner's Manual LA-1400S Commercial Air Cleaner Owner's Manual
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