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Smokeeter SE-40 | Replacement Electrostatic Unicell

Unicell - Includes the Collection Cell and Ionizer for the Smokeeter SE-40

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Replacement Uni-Cell for Smokeeter SE-40 Electrostatic Air Cleaner Smoke Eater

The Smokeeter SE-40 contains an ionizer and collection cell as a one-piece assembly known as a uni-cell.

Ionizer - the ionizing section supports several tungsten wires positively charged to a nominal 11,000 volts DC. The baffle plates parallel to the wire are at ground potential. The ionizer’s function is to electrically charge the contaminated particles as they pass through the ionizer.

Collection Cell - the collecting section consists of alternately charged plates. Plates are alternately charged with a nominal 5,500 volts DC positive. The field between the plates forces the charged particles to the ground plates removing them from the air stream.

For use in the following Commercial Air Cleaner(s);