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International H2O | Replacement UF (Ultra Filtration) Membrane - Quick Connect U-Type

Replacement Ultra-Filtration Membrane for International H2O Bottleless Water Dispensers. Replace every 12 months.


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If you're looking for the purest drinking water without the hassle of RO, Ultra-Filtration is the answer.

> > Click here for a diagram on the difference between Inline and U-type filter connections. < <

Unlike typical RO systems, UF does not require the need for a drain. Our Ultra Filtration membrane is super effective at filtering out waterborne micro-organisms and harmful organic chemicals, etc.

  • Maximum Flow - 1 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure - 70 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature - 113°F
  • Burst Pressure - 500 PSI
  • Service Life - 12 months (500 gallons)

The UF membrane will provide absolute filtration - it even eliminates bacteria and viruses. Ultra-filtration is the best choice for people who would like to remove heavy metals, and toxic constituents, while leaving healthy minerals such as salt, calcium, and magnesium behind.

Replace the Ultrafiltration Membrane once per year.

Used in the following International H2O Bottleless Water Coolers;

Can also be used in the following International H2O Bottleless Water Dispensers;