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Protector Red-D | Replacement Ultra Filtration Cartridge

Sub-mircon filtration is possible with the Protector Red-D Water Filtration System. Keep your filter working up to specification by replacing the cartridge every 6 months.


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Protector Red-D Ultra Sub-Micron Depth Filtration Cartridge

The proprietary and patented technology used in the Protector Red-D filtration is capable of removing sub-micron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electro-adhesion and ion exchange. The filtration efficiency is comparable to ultra membrane filtration with the following exception; The Protector Red-D has a very low pressure drop and high flow rates. It also has a high loading capacity so it works effectively in fresh, brackish or salt waters. The media also includes powdered activated carbon with an average particle size of only 8 microns. At this particle size, activated carbon products remarkably high dynamic adsorption.

For use in the Red-D Countertop Water Filter

Replace every 6 months.