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Collection: Media Type Smoke Eaters

Commercial & Home Media Type Smoke Eaters

Media-Type Smoke Eaters are an air purification system that draws smoke and other harmful particles through a HEPA, carbon, or other filtering material before discharging fresh, clean, odor-free air. It uses a blower or fan mechanism, and disposable filters in order to achieve a high level of pollution reduction. Making home and commercial media type smoke eaters relatively low maintenance.

A good media smoke eater will be able to remove about 95% of smoke particles on each pass through the filter.

Media-type smoke eaters are virtually maintenance free

HEPA and carbon air filter purification systems work synergistically to remove indoor pollution and odor from cigar bars, cigarette smoking areas, welding facilities, hookah lounges, marijuana and cannabis shops, bowling alleys, VFWs, bingo halls and more. Commercial and home HEPA and carbon filter air purifiers are low maintenance and available in a variety of sizes and cabinet styles to meet your specific clean air needs.

The defining feature of media smoke eaters is that they have disposable filters that require regular replacement, rather than filters you can clean and reuse, but it is very easy to swap out. Those costs accumulate and should be a part of the operating budget for your home or business.

Pure n Natural Systems offers media smoke eaters in a variety of sizes, styles, types & brands

We can provide air purifiers for your specific application:

  • Media Smoke Eater Brands & Types - Pure n Natural Systems, Everclear, Interceptor, MiracleAir, & SuperSlim
  • Placement - basement, wall or ceiling
  • Mount - flush and surface
  • Grades - residential and commercial