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Ebac HGR1500 | 105 Pint - High Capacity Dehumidifier

  • Removes up to 105 Pints of Moisture per Day.
  • Up to 295 CFM Airflow. Available in 110V.
  • Ebac HGR1500 air to air exchange dehumidifier includes an internal high lift condensate pump.

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Introducing the HGR1500 Air to Air heat exchange commercial dehumidifier from Ebac.

The HGR1500 high performance dehumidifier produces drier air than standard refrigeration type dehumidifiers, typically down to 20% relative humidity. This is only possible with a secondary pre-cooling method such as an Air to Air Heat Exchange. The HGR1500 refrigeration system has been fine tuned to ensure the discharged air is at it's lowest possible relative humidity. A high capacity backward curved fan will maximize air delivery over long distances. With high capacity and low amp draw, the HGR1500 dehumidifier provides the ultimate in moisture extraction at minimal energy cost.


Ebac HGR-1500 Commercial Dehumidifier Key Design Features

  • Easy access control box
  • Two stage cooling with supplementary 'Air to Air' heat exchange
  • High Static Backward Curved Fan
  • High efficiency - Low Amp Draw Rotary Compressor
  • Inlet and Outlet on the same face
  • Internal High Lift Condensate Pump
  • Temperature Sensitive Defrost control for optimum performance
  • Remote Humidistat Facility
  • Reverse cycle defrosting feature which automatically melts away frost buildup providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures
  • Washable Air Filter.

Ideal Applications for the HGR1500 Dehumidifier include - Flood & Restoration - Roof Leaks - Basements / Cellars - Rental Yards - Vehicle Storage - Hotels / Guest Houses - Stores - Home Systems - Laboratories - Offices

How The Ebac HGR-1500 Dehumidifier Works

Ebac Air to Air Heat Exchange Dehumidifier

The HGR1500 dehumidifier, with its two stage cooling process and temperature sensitive defrost control, ensures optimum performance throughout the units' full operating temperature range. Moisture is removed from the air through an efficient refrigeration process. Humid air is drawn into the dehumidifier and passes through an "Air to Air" Heat Exchange.This process pre-cools / drys the air, before being passed over the Evaporator Coil, which further cools the air below its dew point. Moisture forms on the evaporator coil and is collected in the condensate tray. This cool, dry air then passes back though the Air to Air Heat Exchange, in the opposite direction, providing cooling for the incoming air. Once the air passes over the Condenser Coil, it is re-heated the air, the warm 'Super Dry Air' leaves the dehumidifier. The continuous circulation of air through the dehumidifier gradually reduces the relative humidity within the area. Whether it is a flash flood, hurricane, heavy rains or water main break, it's vitally important to restore the damaged area as soon as possible to protect your property and more importantly, your health from microorganisms, mold and bacteria. Without dehumidification, these harmful organisms will continue to grow and ultimately cause further damage.


Ebac HGR-1500 Air to Air Exchange High Capacity Dehumidifier Specifications

Capacity 105 ppd
Effective Volume 10,594 cu. ft.
Dimensions 21.5" H x 21" W x 35.5" D
Weight 165 lbs.
Operating Temperature Range 33°F - 95°F
Refrigerant R407C
Airflow 295 CFM
Electrical Specs 110V | 1 Phase | 60 Hz - 8Amp | 900W
Compressor Type Rotary
Noise Level 57 dB(A)
Warranty One Year


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What’s In the Box?

  • Ebac HGR1500 Dehumidifier
  • Quick release hose coupling
  • 25' PVC tube - 3/8" I/D
  • Free issue socket
  • Product Manual