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MovinCool Classic Plus 14 | 13,200 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

MovinCool's Classic Plus 14 Spot Cooler - 13,200 BTU commercial portable air conditioner provides flexible and cost-effective cooling. This portable room air conditioner saves you money while protecting people and equipment. Effective in temperatures up to 113°F


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The MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Portable Air Conditioner is a Powerful Cooling Solution for the Hottest Environments

The versatile Classic Plus 14 Portable Room Air Conditioner and Spot Cooler is ready to provide cool air to the hottest environments. Production lines, outdoor events, manufacturing processes, injection molding, metal forming and much more can benefit from spot cooling. The Classic Plus 14 features a digital temperature controller allowing the user to set the desired temperature. At 13,200 BTU/hr of cooling, The MovinCool Classic Plus 14 provides the maximum capacity possible operating on standard 115V power. By cooling only the area that needs it, the Classic Plus 14 portable air conditioner saves you money while protecting people and equipment and speeding up processes. Self-contained and portable, the Classic Plus 14 requires little or no installation—simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on.

Air-cooled portable air conditioners are most often the system of choice for end-users and industry professionals looking for effective spot cooling systems. The fact that air-cooled portable air conditioning units can be installed almost anywhere - usually in minutes - explains their popularity as server room air conditioners, data center air conditioners, and cooling systems for a wide range of other applications. 

MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Portable Air Conditioner Features

  • Digital temperature control. Set the desired temperature and walk away.
  • Operates on standard 115V power.
  • It provides up to 13,200 BTU/h of cool air. Maximum spot cooling to just the spot that needs it.
  • It provides cooling to the hottest environments in temperatures up to 113°F. 

MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Portable Air Conditioner Specifications

Cooling Capacity 13,200 BTU/hr (95°F @ 60% RH)
Electronic Features Programmable Control Panel
Electronic Thermostat Control
Electrical 115V, 1 Phase | 1.3 kW | 11.9 Amps
Recommended Fuse Size - 15 Amps
Min/Max Voltage 105 / 125
NEMA Plug Configuration 5-15 - See Chart Here
Fan Motor Output 0.24 / 0.19 kW
Evaporator Fan Type - Centrifugal
Max Air Flow (High/Low) - 440 / 380 CFM
Max External Static Pressure - 0.31 IWG
Condenser Fan Type - Centrifugal
Max Air Flow (High/Low) - 880 / 760 /CFM
Max External Static Pressure - 0.19 IWG
Compressor Hermetic Rotary - 0.9 kW
Refrigerant R-410A - 1.65 lb
Dimension 19" (W) x 26" (D) x 41" (H)
Weight Net - 166 lbs. | Shipping - 197 lbs.
Condensate Tank Capacity 5 Gallons
Operating Temperature 70° - 113° @ 50% RH
Max Duct Length Cold Duct Hose - 30 ft.
Hot Duct Hose - 60 ft.
Sound Level With Condenser (High/Low) - 57/55 dB(A)
Without Condenser (High Low) - 60/58 dB(A)
MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Owner's Manual MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Owner's Manual
MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Product Spec Sheet MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Product Spec Sheet
What's In The Box?
  • MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Portable Spot Cooler
  • 2 Cool Air Outlet Ducts
  • 8 Screws
  • Product Manual
Warranty MovinCool's Office Pro, Classic, Classic Plus, and Climate Pro models come standard with 1-year parts and labor coverage
Registered products are eligible to receive full 3-year parts and labor coverage including the compressor. 
NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice. 
All models feature compressor overload relay and fan motor protection.
All models also feature compressor short-cycle protection, return air thermostat, automatic restart and accommodate a condensate pump kit.
All models are 50 Hertz (Hz) compatible with a slight performance decrease from the specifications listed above.

MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Installation and Accessory List

Remote Cooling - The amount of air supplied to remote areas can be quickly and conveniently increased by attaching 10' extension ducts (2) directly over the standard ducts. For more permanent installations, use the flange kit (1) to secure the extension ducts to the unit. Each duct can be extended 30-60 feet from the unit, depending on the model. Add trim rings (3) to the end of the extension ducts to give a finished look and keep the ducts from unraveling. The dual duct accessory (4) can be used to divide each 5-inch nozzle opening into (2) 4-inch outlets to multiply your cooling options. 

Condenser Air Removal - To exhaust the warm condenser air above the work area, attach the warm air flange (5) and duct (6, 6A) to the top of the unit. When using a MovinCool Spot Cooler inside an office, simply replace the ceiling tile with the Ceiling Tile Kit (7) and insert the duct to exhaust the warm air. No special tools or equipment are required for this installation.

Condenser Air Intake - When balanced airflow is required, attach the air plenum (8) with a duct (6, 6A) from the side of the unit to an outside air source. The air to the condenser is pulled from outside the room to eliminate problems associated with negative air pressure.

MovinCool Classic Plus 14 Parts DiagramExhaust duct required in most cases.
(Accessories sold separately.)

  1. Cold Air Flange Kit481170-0180
    5-inch diameter white metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws. Use with cold air ducts.
  2. Cold Air Extension Duct481744-0090
    5" diameter, white plastic duct that extends from 6-1/2' to 10' in length.
  3. Trim Ring481851-0200
    5" diameter black plastic ring mounts as end caps for extension duct.
  4. Dual Duct484209-0030
    5" diameter white plastic flange with two 4" nozzles that extend to 2' in length.
  5. Warm Air Flange Kit481170-0191W
    12" diameter gray metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws.
  6. Warm Air Self Supported Duct481744-0060W
    12" diameter white plastic duct that extends 6-1/2' to 10' in length
    6 (A) Warm Air Flexible Duct KitLAY45771-0060
    12" diameter wire-reinforced accordion-style duct in 10' length for condenser exhaust. Includes clamp.
  7. Ceiling Tile KitGX484490-0770
    24-inch x 24-inch Flanged Metal Ceiling Tile with 7-feet of 12-inch White Wire Reinforced Vinyl Duct
  8. Air PlenumLAY84270-0020
    White plastic plenum for return air to the condenser. Hinged for filter cleaning.
  9. Cover Plate484009-0480
    Blue metal plate covers the condensate collection area.
  10. Condensate Pump KitLA484789-0080
    110V pump kit includes 3/8"diameter x 20' length hose and installation hardware.
  11. Storage CoverLAY84420-0720
    Durable black nylon oxford unit storage cover.

What size MovinCool Portable Air Cooler do I need?

(NOTE: 12,000 BTUs = 1 ton of cooling / 1 ton of cooling covers 400-500 sq ft)

Sizing up the proper equipment for your needs has many variables. If you're unsure about choosing the right Portable Air Conditioner for your particular situation please call one of our customer service reps at 1-800-237-9199. We'll help you decide what model is perfect for your applications. Once you've decided on a unit, it's important that we make sure our dedicated installation professionals have the right equipment for your specific installation needs. Please provide the following information when contacting us:

  1. In what city and state are you located?
  2. What is the application for the portable air conditioner?
  3. What is the square footage of the room (or area) you're trying to cool?
  4. What is the ceiling height? Is it a drop ceiling or a solid ceiling?
  5. How many people occupy the space being cooled?
  6. What are the electrical capabilities? (i.e.; 115V, 240V, 3 phase, single phase, etc.)
    (Click here for NEMA Plug Configuration Chart.)