XJ2 Negative Pressure Hospital Grade HEPA Filter System for Isolation Rooms

The Best and Most Effective Negative Pressure and HEPA Filtration System Available for Isolation Rooms and Other High Risk Areas.  Read More...

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The XJ-2 HEPA Filtration System quickly and easily converts ordinary patient care rooms into negative pressure isolation rooms or airborne infection isolation rooms.

The medical-grade HEPA filter in the XJ-2 is suitable for airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIR), hospitals, dental offices, nursing homes, immediate care centers, medical offices & facilities, and institutional use. The XJ-2 air filtration system is independently tested and certified as a whole air cleaner to a minimum of 99.97% efficiency. What does this mean? The integrity of the HEPA filter is guaranteed for performance as well as the actual unit in avoiding air leaks around doors and seals.

XJ-2 Negative Pressure Hospital Grade HEPA Filter System and Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has published “Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings.” The document can be accessed at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/infection-control/control-recommendations.html and reads as follows:  “Protect healthcare personnel. Emphasize hand hygiene, install barriers to limit contact with patients at triage, cohort COVID-19 patients, limit the numbers of staff providing their care, prioritize respirators, and AIIRs for aerosol-generating procedures, implement PPE optimization strategies to extend supplies.”

The XJ2  Negative Pressure Hospital Grade HEPA Filter System complies with this guidance from the CDC.

The XJ-2 HEPA air cleaning system is super quiet and is specifically designed for use in airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIR), hospital isolation rooms, medical settings, and hospital infection control applications.

Features of the XJ-2 HEPA Filter System for Isolation Rooms and Other High-Risk Areas

The XJ-2 is a Complete 2-Filter Hospital Grade System. It's shipped fully assembled and ready to be used. Choose from two (2) installation choices that offer the following included filters & accessories;

XJ-2 Negative Pressure XJ-2 Recirculation
  • Pre-Filter - 80-85% ASHRAE efficient to capture large dust and particles
  • True HEPA Filter - Individually tested MERV-17 HEPA (99.97% DOP efficient at 0.3 microns)
  • Window Adapter Kit to exhaust filtered air
  • 6" Diameter Flex-hose - Extends to 8-feet
  • 'Dirty-filter' gage
  • Variable speed control
  • Portable base with four (4) swivel casters
  • Pre-wired with an electrical cord and molded plug
  • Pre-Filter - 80-85% ASHRAE efficient to capture large dust and particles
  • True HEPA Filter - Individually tested MERV-17 HEPA (99.97% DOP efficient at 0.3 microns)
  • Recirculation Plenum
  • 'Dirty-filter' gage
  • Variable speed control
  • Portable base with four (4) swivel casters
  • Pre-wired with an electrical cord and molded plug
  • Independent Laboratory Tested - Unlike some units where just the filter is tested to HEPA efficiency, the XJ-2 was independently lab tested in its entirety to be 99.999% efficient on 0.3-micron particles. TRUE HEPA filtration provides the maximum air filtration available for hospital isolation rooms and infection control.
  • Extra Quiet - The XJ-2s quiet operation design features include a backward-curved, dynamically balanced impeller and a sound dampening blower baffle to reduce sound levels to a minimum. The XJ-2 air purification system runs smoothly with minimal noise and is infinitely adjustable.
  • Effective Filtration Technology - The XJ-2s certified HEPA filter is highly effective in removing microorganism-sized particles. The 3M Filtrete™ prefilter protects the HEPA filter reducing maintenance costs. It provides 12 air changes per hour - enough for most hospital rooms.
    • Portable and Compact - With dimensions of only 55" tall, 26½" wide, and 15" deep, the XJ-2 can purify the air in large rooms up to 20' by 27'
    • Optional Accessories for the XJ2 Negative Pressure Hospital Grade HEPA Filter System include a recirculation plenum, wall mounting kit, room pressure monitor, and tamper-resistant security cover.

    Additional information about AIIR (Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms)

    ASHRAE standard 170-2017 goes into detail about ventilation in healthcare facilities. This on-line document can be accessed here:  https://www.techstreet.com/ashrae/standards/ashrae-170-2017?product_id=1999079 and includes the following:

    Information about Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIRs):

    • AIIRs are single-patient rooms at negative pressure relative to the surrounding areas and with a minimum of 6 air changes per hour (12 air changes per hour are recommended for new construction or renovation).
    • Air from these rooms should be exhausted directly to the outside or be filtered through a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter directly before recirculation.
    • Room doors should be kept closed except when entering or leaving the room, and entry and exit should be minimized.
    • Facilities should monitor and document the proper negative-pressure function of these rooms.

    XJ2 | Negative Pressure Hospital Grade HEPA Filter System Specifications

    Dimensions 55" (H) x 26.5" (W) x 15" (D)
    Weight 140 lbs.
    Airflow Capacity Adjustable from 115 CFM to 1000 CFM
    Effective Air Cleaning Area Up to 5,000 cubic feet (example room size - 20' x 25' x 10')
    Pre-Filter 3M Filtrete™ (80-85% ASHRAE efficient)
    Primary Filter MERV-17 HEPA (99.97% DOP efficient at 0.3 microns)
    Filter Pressure Gauge Mini-Helic® 0" to 3" range
    Power Requirements 115VAC | 60 Hz | 4 Amps | 400 Watts
    Sound Levels 35 d(B)A @ 115 CFM | 66 d(B)A @ 775 CFM (tested 4' from unit)
    Cabinet Heavy-gauge, welded steel cabinet with white powder coat finish
    Base The standard base includes four swivel casters
    XJ-2 Product Brochure Download XJ-2 Negative Pressure HEPA Filter System Product Brochure
    XJ-2 Presentation Download the XJ2 Isolation Room Air Cleaner Presentation
    XJ-2 Owner's Manual Download XJ-2 Negative Pressure HEPA Filter System Owner's Manual

    Installation Options & Accessories for the XJ-2 Hospital Grade HEPA Filter System

    Negative Pressure Upflow - The option includes the Window Exhaust Kit which allows the air from the XJ-2 to be exhausted to the outside or into another room, thereby creating a negative pressure environment.  It includes the ducted plenum and a 6" diameter exhaust hose that extends up to 8-feet.

    Recirculation - When negative pressure ventilation is not feasible due to building constraints, the recirculating plenum turns the XJ-2 into a self-contained medical-grade HEPA air purifier. It provides compliance with CDC Guidelines for interior rooms. This option is available if exhausting the air (negative pressure) is not required.  
    (Window exhaust kit is NOT included with this version.)

    Security Cover - The optional security cover prevents tampering by unauthorized users.

    Wall Mounting Kit - Perfect for tight spaces or where floor space is limited. The XJ-2 can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

    Room Pressure Monitor - This highly sensitive piece of equipment utilizes sensor technology to monitor, alarm, and/or control critical room-to-room differential pressures.

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