AirMac-400H Best Portable HEPA Air Purifier for Homes, Schools and Offices

AirMac-400H Portable HEPA Air Purifier for Schools, Classrooms, Offices, and Homes. The german-made motor is super quiet and its true HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient. Also includes carbon for swift and effective odor removal.   Read More...


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The AirMac-400H Portable HEPA Air Purifier is the Best Clean Air Filter System for Homes, Offices, Classrooms, and Schools. With 3-Stages of filtration, it will capture particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The AirMac-400H Portable HEPA Air Purifier for homes, classrooms, and offices targets airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, dust, smoke, odors, bacteria, dander, and other particles, both large and small. It's especially helpful for allergy and asthma sufferers. The super quiet AirMac-400H HEPA Air Purifier is effective in areas up to 1,000 square feet. Its variable-speed fan provides 5 air changes per hour in spaces up to 1,000 square feet. Its German-made blower produces 830 CFM intake airflow (before filters), while its large filter resistance provides a discharge of approximately 500 CFM airflow. The AirMac-400H HEPA Air Purifier can be set on a shelf, tabletop, or the floor and is available in several cabinet colors to match your decor. 

Schools, classrooms, learning centers, libraries, and offices can benefit from the AirMac 400H HEPA Air Purifier. Not only is it super-effective in removing the smallest airborne particles including pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, germs, etc., but it's quiet, safe, and efficient. The AirMac 400H HEPA air purifier fits all of these needs perfectly.

How does the AirMac-400H Portable HEPA Air Purifier Work?

The AirMac-400H portable HEPA air purifier is a powerful, 3-stage filtration system designed to capture the smallest, most inconvenient pollution particles and offensive odors.

  1. Stage 1 - Pre-Filter - The Pre-Filter is a metal mesh screen designed to capture larger dust and particles and to prolong the life of the HEPA filter. It's washable and should be checked periodically for cleaning. After several cleanings, it should be replaced when showing signs of wear & tear.
  2. Stage 2 - True HEPA Filter - The HEPA filter in the AirMac 400H is 99.97% efficient at capturing particles 0.3 microns in size. This is REALLY small! The HEPA filter is a commercial-grade filter with a 26 gauge steel frame. The HEPA filter cannot be washed and should be replaced at least once per year. 
  3. Stage 3 - Carbon Filter - The final stage in the AirMac 400H is the carbon filter. The high volume of carbon in this filter will ensure that odors, gases, and VOCs are removed as the air passes through. With 2 full pounds of activated carbon, this filter will easily tackle those tough odors and gases caused by chemicals, smoke, solvents, paint, ozone, and much, much more!

AirMac-400H Best Portable HEPA Air Purifier Features and Benefits

  • The AirMac-400E home smoke eater system works like a pollution magnet, capturing over 99% of all airborne particles (even those as small as one-millionth of an inch!) for a cleaner, healthier home or office.
  • The True HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient at removing smoke, bacteria, pollens, and dust particles from the air as small as 0.3 microns
  • The Granular Activated Carbon filter helps to eliminate even the most stubborn odors, gases, and VOCs, including acetone, formaldehyde, radon, paint fumes, smoke, ozone, pesticides, refrigerants, air fresheners, glues, toluene, methane, spray lubricants, solvents, 
    fabric cleaners, colognes, contact cement, benzene, and others.
  • You may be eligible for medical deductions on your income tax if the air cleaner is prescribed by a physician to alleviate hay fever, allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments.
  • The AirMac-400H best HEPA air purifier reduces heating and air conditioning costs by eliminating the need to exhaust contaminated air and recondition replacement air.
  • The AirMac-400H HEPA air purifier is powerful enough to clean a 20' x 20' room over 10 times each hour.
  • A whisper-quiet 43 dB(A) at its lowest setting
  • German-made blower motor provides efficient and quiet airflow and is rated for continuous use.
  • Its variable speed control allows greater versatility.

In an article published by USA Today, "... Microns are small – 1 millionth of a meter. Pollen particles are often 10 microns or bigger. Bacteria are often about 1 micron. COVID19 has a diameter of approximately 60–140 nm or 0.06 to 1.4 microns." The USA Today article goes on to say that the COVID-19 virus itself is indeed smaller than a filter rated the size of 0.3 microns, but the virus always travels attached to larger particles that are consistently snared by the filter. And even if the particles were smaller than the 0.3-micron size, the erratic motion of particles that size and the electrostatic attraction generated by the filter means they would be consistently caught as well.

AirMac-400H Best Portable HEPA Air Purifier Technical Specifications

Variable Speed 150 - 500 CFM Range
Installation Options Table Top | Wall Mount
Dimensions 17" W x 13" D x 15" H
Cabinet Aluminum - Available in White, Black, Woodgrain, Silver
Weight 32 Pounds
Electrical .85 amps | 120V AC / 60Hz
Power Usage 150 Watts Max
Noise Level dB(A) @ 15' High 60 | Low 38
Particle Removal As small as 0.3 microns
Warranty 7 Year Limited

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