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Airgle AG-25 | The World's Most Versatile 3-Stage Air Purifier

Get purified with the AG-25 Personal and Mobile Air Purifier by Airgle.

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The Airgle AG-25 Air Purifier perfectly cleans your air. It's so versatile you can use it on your Tabletop, in your Automobile, and take it with you when you Travel!

When it comes to pure, clean & fresh air, Airgle doesn't mess around. And now, they've gone mobile with the AG-25 Portable Air Purifier that conveniently sits on your table, can easily be installed in your car, and makes an excellent travel companion.

Multi-stage filtration ensures clean and purified air in automobiles including cars, vans, SUVs, RVs, campers, buses, trucks, motor homes, taxis, boats, yachts, fire engines, police cars, etc. It's also perfect for tabletops, desktops, bedrooms, nurseries, pet areas, basements, rec rooms, garages, offices, laundry rooms, hotel or motel rooms, and anywhere you want to breathe clean, purified air.

Airgle AG-25 Air Purifier Filtration Stages

Air is drawn to the AG-25 with a quiet yet powerful fan. As polluted air enters through the pre-filters on either side of the unit, its multi-stage filtration performs miracles to provide the cleanest, freshest and contaminant-free air. (The Airgle AG-25 Filter Kit can be found here)

  • Stage 1 - Gas and Odor FilterCaptures gaseous pollutants - 3.52 ounces of coconut shell activated carbon removes smoke, odors, and VOCs including tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, exhaust fumes & smog. 
  • Stage 2 - Titanium Pro ModuleRemoves bacteria, germs & virus - A patented Titanium Pro Module kills up to 99.95% of bacteria and viruses with PCO technology.  The UV surface in this module is coated with a titanium dioxide carrier, which removes bacteria from the air and instantly converts it to harmless substances when irradiated with UV light. This module is patented in the United States.
  • Stage 3 - cHEPA FilterFilters particulate contaminants - 1.08 sq ft of premium cHEPA filter has an efficiency rating of 99.999% for particles 0.003-micron in size. It removes particulates, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and other airborne pollutants. The cHEPA filter purifies and expels clean, refreshing air.

Airgle AG-25 Air Purifier Advanced Features

  • Streamlined for Beauty - Built for Durability - This aesthetically pleasing design of the Airgle AG-25 air purifier fits seamlessly into your environment.
  • Soft-Touch Technology - The soft-touch "Power" button turns the AG-25 on and off at your convenience.
  • Easy Filter Replacement - With the touch of one button, you can eject the filter compartment and easily replace them.
  • Smart Filter Life Indicator - When the red light blinks, it reminds us that we
    need to replace the filters.
  • Auto Temperature Control Setting - Airgle AG25 air purifier features an auto temperature control setting. If placed inside a car, it will automatically monitor the temperature. When the temperature inside the car exceeds 113°F, the unit will automatically activate the self-protection function and enter standby mode.
  • CE Certification for International Safety Standards Testing - CE marked products indicate that they meet the requirements of a series of European directives such as safety, hygiene, environmental and consumer protection.
  • International Electrician CB Certification - The CB system (IEC system for the qualification testing and certification of electrical products) is an international system operated by IECEE to promote international trade and reduce international trade barriers.
  • Korea KC Certification - Korea KC aims to give consumers a better understanding of the certification marks on the purchased products and reduce the cost of various certifications for product manufacturers.
  • One Year Warranty - The Airgle Air Purifier AG25 comes with a full one year warranty
  • Accessories Included - (1) AG-25 Air Purifier, (1) AC/DC power adaptor, (1) Cigarette lighter power adaptor, (1) Owner’s manual, (1) Car installation accessory kit (4 mounts, 4 screws, 1 screwdriver)

Specifications of the Airgle AG-25 Personal Air Purifier

Dimensions 9.5" (W) x 9.5" (H) x 3" (D)
Weight 3.5 lbs.
CADR 10-15 CFM
Noise Level 42 - 52 d(B)A
Speeds 2
Electrical 110-240V | 8 Watts
Car Cigarette Lighter 12.5V DC
Formaldehyde Removal Rate 99.999%
cHEPA Filter Efficiency 99.999%
PM2.5 Removal Rate 99.99%
Titanium Pro Bacterial Removal Rate 99.97%
Filter Life 1200 Hours
Warranty 1 Year
AG-25 Owner's Manual Airgle AG-25 Air Purifier Owner's Manual