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MAXUM | Replacement Electronic Cell

Replacement Electronic Cell for the MAXUM Home Smoke Eater


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Replacement Electrostatic Cell for MAXUM Home Smoke Eater

At some point, the electronic cell in your MAXUM home smoke eater may need to be replaced, especially if it's damaged, or if it's no longer creating an electrical charge. Damage may include bent fins or broken wires. The cell is easy to replace. Instructions can be found in the MAXUM Home Smoke Eater owner's manual.

The electronic cell is the workhorse of the MAXUM Air Cleaner. It performs most of the air cleaning by removing the particles from the air. Electronic cells removes even the smallest particles, down to 0.01 microns in size, or 1/25,400 of 1 inch. As particles are pulled into the MAXUM home smoke eater and through the ELECTRONIC CELL they encounter the IONIZING SECTION with its many fine ion wires. These wires charge the airborne particles - as the charged particles move through to the collecting section, they are trapped onto the collector plates much like a magnet attracts and collects metal filings.

In conclusion, the electronic cell is the heart of your MAXUM home smoke eater.