pureAir PERSONAL and Wearable Air Purifier - Perfect for Travel

The pureAir PERSONAL and wearable air purifier will become your favorite travel companion. Includes charger, leather lanyard and carrying case.

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The pureAir PERSONAL Air Purifier was chosen by FORBES Holiday Gift Guide 2021 as one of the Best Gifts for Traveling During Covid-19.

Forbes.com Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Best Gifts For Traveling During Covid-19

If you suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments, you know how the impurities in the air you breathe can make life miserable. Even if you don't have breathing problems, you know that air pollution is a growing concern - one that can have dangerous consequences for you and your family. And, since the onset of the current pandemic, these concerns can be even more challenging.

The pureAir PERSONAL air purifier is a sleek, wearable personal air purifier that creates a personal 3-foot clean-air zone by repelling particles from your breathing space. When you wear the pureAir PERSONAL air purifier, you can feel confident about visiting friends and family without the negative effects of other's pet dander, perfumes, colognes, or other airborne threats.

Best of all, when using the pureAir PERSONAL Air Purifier with a conventional face filtering mask, continuous emission of unipolar air ions has been shown to considerably enhance the filtering efficiency against fine and ultra-fine particles.* The effect is driven by the electrostatic repelling forces that ions create between the mask and the aerosol particles.

The wearable pureAir PERSONAL Air Purifier lasts all day. Its rechargeable battery provides over 24 hours of use per charge. Each pureAir PERSONAL Air Purifier includes a USB charging cable, a leather necklace with a jewelry clasp, and a leather carrying case. pureAir PERSONAL air purifier is not a medical device and is not a replacement for other practices recommended by the CDC.

Features of the pureAir PERSONAL Air Purifier

  • The pureAir PERSONAL is CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified and is liable to bear the ARB/ETL markings.
  • Sleek, fashion-forward design - At only 2.9-inches high, 2.1-inches wide, 1.1-inches deep, and a wearable weight of only 2.16 oz, pureAir PERSONAL air purifier is comfortably designed for all-day purification on the go.
  • Creates a 3-foot Personal Clean Air Zone
  • All-Day Purification
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery Lasts 24+ Hours / Charging time – 5 hours
  • Includes a Jewelry Clasped Leather Lanyard, Charging Cable, and Carrying Case
  • Adjustable Blue Operation LED (Switches ON/OFF)
  • Ion-Based Active Air Technology
  • Solid Platinum Emitter and Stainless-Steel Grille
  • Silent, Fan-Less Operation
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
The pureAir PERSONAL Air Purifier is perfect for Travel • Running Errands • Schools • Waiting Rooms • Offices • Social Gatherings • Gardening • Allergy Relief • And more!

*Enhancement effects of 20-fold to over 3000-fold were demonstrated depending on mask type. Lee et al. (2005). Filtering Efficiency of 95 and R95-Type Facepiece Respirators, Dust-Mist Facepiece Respirators, and Surgical Masks Operating in Unipolarly Ionized Indoor Air Environments. Aerosol and Air Quality. Vol. 5, No. 1. pp. 25-38

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